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What is natural bodybuilding?

Body building literally means “building the body” and is a sport that aims at a progressive reduction of body fat in favor of an increase in muscle mass. Results obtained with targeted training and proper nutrition .

This explanation finds expression in what is called Bodybuilding Natural , which is different from that type of bodybuilding that contemplates the use of substances prohibited by the WADA regulation and the anabolic ones. On the other hand, those who practice Bodybuilding Natural refuse to take these substances.

Precisely because of this contrast, the history of bodybuilding is quite complex and not taken for granted as one might believe.

In this article you will discover how natural bodybuilding is born and which are the natural bodybuilders of today and of the past.

The beginnings of the 20th century and the birth of bodybuilding

In 1925 the first bodybuilder of our era was born. His name was Eugen Sandow .

Considered a forerunner of times in strength sports, he was among the first to train with weights to shape the body and exalt the muscles in a natural way .

In fact, from the photographs of the time, looking at the athlete’s body, there are not the huge muscular forms but a body sculpted by hard training.

At the time, there were no studies that explained how to increase muscle mass in an effective way through exercise, and for this reason Eugen Sandow is considered a true pioneer of the discipline. His work was therefore the result of instinct and the results he found on himself.

Sandow was not the only one to be known during the beginnings of the discipline, and Charles Atlas , or Angelo Siciliano, became another symbol of bodybuilding between 1930 and 1960.

This young Calabrian took inspiration from Sandow and managed to turn her slim and thin body into a strong and muscular one.

Among the famous natural bodybuilders we can not fail to mention Steve Reeves . Thanks to his sculptural body, the American actor became the protagonist of Le Fatiche di Ercole and of numerous films of the time.


Reeves implemented the basics of Sandow’s training and added exercises aimed at further improving mass. His musculature was therefore larger than that of the pioneer Sandow, and to this day Steve Reeves is still considered as a real reference point for fans of natural bodybuilding.

Later on, Joe Weider founded the International Body Builders Federation (IFBB) and the Mr. Olympia competition , known all over the world. From that moment on, bodybulding becomes an agonistic discipline born to inspire psycho-physical wellbeing.


A radical change in the history of natural bodybuilding is due to the appearance of doping, first of all testosterone, synthetically synthesized to allow the administration. His advent coincided with the development of bodybuilding and the various disciplines of pure strength. In particular since 1950, many athletes began to make a great abuse.

Testosterone increases strength and allows faster muscle recovery, but like the rest of the doping substances, side effects are very dangerous and lead to death in extreme cases.

Doping became a short cut for those who wanted to maximize results with minimum effort, regardless of health consequences.

After testosterone, other stimulant and anabolic drugs were created in order to artificially increase muscle mass. It is no coincidence that the physicists of natural bodybuilders famous in the past and present are very different, and their difference is due to the abuse of doping substances, the scourge of the fascinating discipline of bodybuilding.

Master Wallace and his school

Master Wallace is another of the great natural bodybuilders most famous, but unlike his predecessors, the athlete developed a training aimed at meeting the needs of natural bodybuilders, like him.

We are talking about the Master W allace System , an effective system to obtain the best results without having to resort to doping substances.

Master Wallace, with its decades of experience, is the living proof of this system.

His lean and dry body has turned into a muscular and proportionate body, defined and not excessive. Maximum suction for a natural bodybuilder.

Marco Bassi: natural Italian bodybuilder

At 47, Marco Bassi is among the most loved in the discipline of natural Italian bodybuilding.

Winner twice in the Italian Championships and among the first in the World Championships , the athlete has been spreading a message of health and well-being linked to this sport for years.

Like Wallace and the other natural bodybuilders, Bassi’s passion for discipline affects every aspect of his life. Not just exercises, but a set of choices that promote the well-being of one’s body, without excesses.

How to become a natural bodybuilder

Going for a jog at the park or doing exercises at the gym once a week does not become a natural bodybuilder. This discipline affects many aspects and in a certain way becomes a real lifestyle .

No more days unruly then, but a series of measures that affect the diet and other aspects of everyday life.

Below we have collected the most useful tips to remember to begin to better face the discipline, taking inspiration from famous natural bodybuilders.

Know your body

The first aspect to take into consideration to practice bodybuilding natural at best

it’s the kind of body you have and you can find an answer with the online test to find out what’s yours if you do not know it.

The basic somatotypes are 3 : mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph.

The first is characterized by a good musculature and a low percentage of body fat. In contrast, the endomorph easily accumulates fat and has a slower metabolism.

The ectomorph, or the third biotype, is thin and therefore has a very low percentage of fat compared to the other two.

Each of these somatotypes require a different type of training, and a different caloric intake. For this reason, it is not advisable to transform your diet or face training sessions in the gym without knowing your own somatotype.


Another aspect of fundamental importance for a natural bodybuilder is nutrition.

Muscles need nourishment not from sugars, but from saturated fats , while good cholesterol increases testosterone production, essential for greater strength and rapid recovery. Not surprisingly, those who practice bodybuilding natural consume a lot of eggs and red meat.

That said, even before starting a diet for the purpose, it is necessary to know any intolerances and move accordingly. Allergies and food intolerances, in fact, are increasingly frequent, and if not recognized can cause serious disorders. The body also suffers from the outside, with skin rashes or abdominal bulges to mention the most common.

A bodybuilding athlete eats more times than a normal person every 3 hours during a day and the purpose of his diet is to take many proteins.

Precisely for this reason eggs, fish and meat are the main muscle supply of these athletes.


The exercises that should not be missing from the list of a natural bodybuilder are: the squats, the bench and the deadlift . Each of these benefits from the great advantage of activating the anabolic response to allow maximum muscle development. For this reason, proper bodybuiding natural training includes multiarticular exercises performed at low frequencies.

Remember that the body is not a machine and requires adequate rest, necessary for the recovery of lost energy. The same applies to the evaluation of loads to be lifted, because it is always inadvisable to overdo it. In the gyms you will find personal trainers who will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Muscle mass can be stimulated to grow during exercise, choosing to increase weight at each repetition, increasing its capacity. Natural famous bodybulders are athletes of a discipline of pure strength, and even this component must be constantly trained to maximize results.

A healthy lifestyle

Nutrition and training are important but they are not the only ones that come into play if the intention is to become a professional bodybuilder.

The sleep is vital , literally. When we sleep, our body regenerates, produces GH and the tissues are repaired. This regenerative process does not take place throughout the night, but only during the phases of deep sleep, which usually lasts about 4 hours.

Precisely for this reason we recommend a duration of at least 7 hours of sleep, even if the ideal would be 8. Sleeping badly or little means therefore prohibiting your body to start the process of tissue regeneration and GH production , essential for bodybuilding natural.

Suffering from anxiety, insomnia and other sleep-related disorders, such as sleep apnea, risks jeopardizing this important process.

Natural famous bodybuilders are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and follow the motto “healthy mens in healthy body”, just as the natural bodybuilding art desires.

Conducting a healthy life does not mean depriving yourself of everything, but avoiding excesses and above all of being constant and patient with your body. The results are not immediate but you will have great satisfaction because your work is the result of pure training, healthy nutrition and some small sacrifice.



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